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Windmills of Energy!

You know it’s funny, people have this perception that there is plenty of nothing out here in the desert. Yep, just lots of sunshine and wind. Turns out that’s all you need, especially here in the Coachella Valley, California.

I’m so proud of my fellow Californians with their hippie foresight and vision into alternative energies some 35 years ago now. Of course I was just a wee child then, but there is something positive to be said for a state and it’s populace that promote open minds and imaginings that spurred these innovations. The integral natural Californian “can do” enthusiasm combined with the persistence of knowing, that working with the natural resources of the earth as they happen in a particular region is just a common sense way to go. They created this new frontier of  “natural resources” alternative energy. As a result we are poised yet once again to lead our country in a positive direction.

Because of their visions we have plenty of “wind farms” out here. Especially in Desert Hot Springs and Palm Springs. Miles of wind towers turning their heavy arms pushed on by the never ceasing “mariah” winds.

As I pass them for time to time,  I also wonder why they could not cover their bases with solar panels! Wouldn’t this double their efficiency? Wind & sun power combined!

Windmills of "natural resources" Energy

Windmills of "natural resources" Energy


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  1. Super post,, hope to definitely visit again:D

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