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Addicted to Plastic – A must see movie for everyone, it will shock the plastic outta yah!


Addicted To Plastic is a point-of-view style documentary that encompasses three years of filming in 12 countries on 5 continents, including two trips to the middle of the Pacific Ocean where plastic debris accumulates. The film details plastic’s path over the last 100 years and provides a wealth of expert interviews on practical and cutting edge solutions to recycling, toxicity and biodegradability. These solutions – which include plastic made from plants – will provide viewers with a new perspective about our future with plastic.


We saw this on Sundance the other night, and it shocked the hell out of us.

We’ve been buying bottled water for over 25 years! I instantly stopped buying and using plastic water bottles and switched over to a water filter. Jeez, what really get’s me is that we thought we were doing the healthy thing!

Only using glass, ceramic, and wax paper now

p.s. if you must use bottled water, whatever you do, do not leave it in the sunlight, it leaches Bisphenol A (BPA), a synthetic chemical that interferes with the body’s natural hormonal messaging system.

here is a link with the scoop; please pass this along to as many as you can so we can get the word out:



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